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Wood Grilled Buffalo Tenderloin with
Wild Mushrooms & Port Wine Sauce

Chef Colby Garrelts - Chef and Co-Owner
bluestem Restaurant and Wine Lounge, Kansas City, MO

Since 1993 we at Arrowhead Specialty Meats are committed to providing you and your clientele with a wide variety of top-quality, gourmet meats and artisanal ingredients to complement your restaurant, catering or personal culinary needs. From the most exclusive selection of Akaushi Kobe beef, all-natural Berkshire pork, tender Piedmontese beef, and delectable veal on down to our exotic meat choices, you're provided a diverse selection of top-quality meats to offer your clientele. If you're interested in more informationcontact us today or if you'd like to add to your menu place an order with one of our friendly representatives today.

More Than Just American & Japanese Kobe Beef | Wichita

Beyond our gourmet meats, we provide you with a large selection of spices, seasonings and artisanal ingredients. Contact us today to learn how our various allures and spices can help add that certain something to your preparation.

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From Akaushi Kobe beef to venison Arrowhead Specialty Meats offers the highest quality meats to you and ultimately your customers. Give us a call today and let us demonstrate how our customer care can be the added spice behind our tremendous meats.