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Japanese Kobe Beef

Japanese Kobe Beef | Kansas City
We at Arrowhead Specialty Meats are very proud to offer you and your patrons Tajima Bloodline, A5 Grade Kobe beef from Japan. This Super Premium Grade / Red Label is from the Gunma prefecture of Japan and originates from one of three plants specially designated for export to the USA under HACCP. Earning the highest grade according to strict Japanese guidelines, we're confident you'll be impressed with every cut.
Exquisite & Healthy
Japanese Kobe Beef | Kansas City
The delectable taste of Japanese Kobe beef is widely known, though the health benefits are also a terrific asset. With a decidedly higher monosaturated fat versus saturated fat content, as compared to commodity beef, Kobe holds a distinct advantage in regards to cholesterol and heart health. Another unique benefit is Wagyu beef's high-amount of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which possesses anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. Altogether, you can provide your clientele with a truly savory and beneficial meal.
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Japanese Kobe Beef For Sale | From Kansas City to Your City
Item Grade Weight
Japanese Kobe Tenderloin A5 Grade 10 lb.
Japanese Kobe Rib Eye A5 Grade 35-40 lb.
Japanese Kobe Striploin A5 Grade 25-30 lb.
Japanese Kobe Top Butts A5 Grade
Japanese Kobe Chuck Roll A5 Grade

Arrowhead Specialty Meats provides Japanese Kobe beef to more than Kansas City and the nearby St. Louis and Wichita areas, we ship all over the nation! Please contact us for further information, or go ahead and place your order today. Please consider shipping time when placing your order and allow four to five days lead.


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