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Lamb and Veal

New Zealand Lamb Product List
Item Code Description Weight
NZL85071 N.Z. Frenched Lamb Rack 14/16 oz. 20-24 lb. Box
NZL85076 N.Z. Frenched Lamb Rack 22 & Up 20-24 lb. Box
NZL1025 N.Z. Lamb Loin Chop 4/5 oz.
NZL88896 N.Z. Lamb Leg BRN
NZL89104 N.Z. Lamb Shank
NZL89396 N.Z. Lamb Loin Eyes

Premium Gold, Free Ranged, All Natural Lamb
A true free ranged product raised in an environment free of chemicals and pesticides
in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado
source verified/Humanely Raised/Hormone, Antibiotic Free
Item Code Description Weight
PGL03321 Lamb Rack 8-Bone 4" Cap On 2-3 lbs.
PGL03515 Lamb Leg Bone In 8-10 lbs.
PGL03635 Lamb Bellie (Flank) 10 lb Box
PGL03685 Lamb Sweetbread 10 lb Box
PGL06605 Lamb Deluxe Hindshank 25 lb Box
PGL06656 Lamb Denver Ribs 25 lb Box

Domestic Lamb Product List
Item Code Description Weight
LAM04112 Lamb Rack, Frenched
LAM3614 Lamb Stew Meat 2-5lb.
LAM05700 Ground Lamb 2-5lbs. 10 lb Box

LE QUEBECOIS All Natural Veal
No Added Growth Hormones, No Added Antibiotics, Fed Natural Diet
Humanely Raised, Certified Grain Fed Veal
Item Code Description Weight
GFV00100 Veal Bones 50 lb. Case 50 lb. Case
GFV00150 Veal Boneless Chuck Roll 2/Box
GFV00220 6-Bone Chop Ready Veal Rack 5.75-6.5 lb. 4/Box
GFV00300 Veal Butt Tender 15 lb. Box
GFV00320 Veal Whole Tenderloins . 12 lb. Box
GFV00400 Veal 0 X 0 Boneless Striploin 10 lb. Box
GFV00500 Veal Flank 15 lb. Box
GFV00600 Veal Short Ribs Bone In 2.5” Cut 6 pc Bag/2 bag/box.
GFV00740 2” Hindshank Osso Bucco 12 lb. Box
GFV00770 3” Hindshank Osso Bucco 12 lb. Box
GFV00800 2 oz. Leg Cutlets 10 lb. Box
GFV00900 4 oz. Liver Slice 10 lb. Box
GFV01000 Cheek Meat 10 lb. Box
GFV01100 Sweetbreads 11 lb. Box
GFV01200 Whole Veal Boneless Breast
GFV02000 Ground Veal 10 lb. Box
VEA98977 Glace de Veau 1 lb. 5 lb. Box

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