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Game Birds and Fowl

Pheasant Product List
Item Code Description Weight
PHE05000 Whole Bird 3-3.5 lbs.
PHE05010 Airline Breast 14-16 oz.
PHE05015 Whole Smoked Pheasant 20-32 oz.
PHE05100 Pheasant Boneless Thigh Meat 30 lb. Box

Quail Product List
Item Code Description Weight
QUA05210 Whole Bird 4-5 oz.
QUA05200 Jumbo Semi Boneless 48/cs 6-7 oz.
QUA05215 Semi Boneless 36/cs 4-5 oz.
QUA05220 Boneless breast 54/cs 1.5 oz.
QUA05225 Quail Eggs (Special Order) 18/Tray

Duck Product List
Item Code Description Weight
DUC05110 Muscovy Hen, Breast 1-1.25 lbs.
DUC05100 Muscovy Hen, Whole 3-4 lbs.
DUC05120 La Belle Moulard Duck Breast 1.5-2 lbs.
DUC05125 La Belle Duck Leg 1/4 6/Bag
DUC05135 Duck Leg Confit, Mapleleaf 12/case
DUC05121 Pekin Whole Duck Grade "A" , Mapleleaf 6/Box
DUC05105 Pekin Duck Breast, Boneless, Mapleleaf 8-10 oz. 24/Bx
DUC05127 Pekin Duck Leg Quarters, Mapleleaf 25 lb. Box
DUC05140 Labelle Duck Fat 7 lb. Pail
DUC05115 Perigord Moulard Duck Breast 1.5-2 lbs.
DUC05103 Lac Brome Duck Breast 9-10 oz. 24/box
DUC05138 Duck Fat 3.5 lb. Pail, Mapleleaf 3/Case

Game Birds and Poultry Product List
Item Code Description Weight
MGB05300 Guinea Hen, Whole 3-3.5 lbs.
MGB05315 Poussin, Whole Bird 19-22 oz.
MGB05320 Squab, Whole Bird 15-17 oz.
MGB05260 Semi Bnls Cornish Game Hen 16/18 oz.
MGB05325 Whole Goose 8-10 lbs.
MGB05335 Wild Turkey, Whole (Special Order) 7-12 lb.
MGB05350 Free Range, Millers BSB Breast 10 lb. Bag 40 lb. Case
MGB05375 Free Range, Airline Breast 9-10 oz. 20 lb. Case
MGB05341 Gerber Free Range Whole Chicken 3.5-4 lbs. 8/Case
MGB05347 Gerber Boneless Skinless Thigh Meat
MGB05346 Gerber Bone In Thigh Meat 20 lb. Case
MGB05400 Chicken Frame Bones 50 lb. Case
MGB05475 Gerber Chicken Livers 1 lb. Tubs 8 lb. Case

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