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Ostrich Meats

Ostrich: This big flightless bird has been known to reach up to 10 feet tall, with the average being 7-8 foot tall. In the late 1800's to early 1900's, the ostrich was raised for it's fine & fancy white plumes, which brought a heavy price for such a light feather. Once the feather market declined, they started raising the bird for its meat and leather, and to this day the leather market still holds strong. The meat has rivaled other red meats in the USA since the mid 1990's because of its flavorful taste, which is very similar to beef. Some people say its just like eating beef but with less fat and cholesterol than chicken and turkey. This is truly the red meat of the new century. Ostrich in my opinion is best grilled, and will accept any seasonings that beef or other red meats will.

Ostrich Product List
Item Code Description Weight
OST05400 Fan Filet 3-5 lbs.
OST05405 Inside Strip 1-1.5 lbs.
OST05410 Tenderloin 1-2 lbs.
OST05415 Top Loin 1-2 lbs.
OST05420 Outside Strip 1-1.5 lbs.
OST05425 Ground 1 lb.
OST05430 Patties – 3/1 10 lb.
OST05500 Ostrich Eggs, Blown

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