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North American Elk Meats

North American Elk: Also known as Wapiti, (meaning "White Rump") named by native Americans, these magnificent animals are being farm raised for breeder stock, and their velvet antler, which has been used for more than 2000 years in Asia & Europe and is gaining in popularity in North America as a dietary supplement. Most of your Elk served in restaurants today are considered Wapiti from New Zealand, which have been crossbred with their Red Deer to produce a dwarf hybrid animal. North American Elk meat has always been a favorite with the public because of its mild & sweet flavor, which is why Arrowhead Game Meats will be marketing North American Elk as a staple for the American Diet. These animals are farm raised with no growth hormones, or chemicals of any kind. In nutritional comparisons, Elk has the lowest fat & calorie content of red meat today. This is important in today's health conscience world. Elk is best prepared medium rare to medium.

Buffalo Product List
Item Code Description Weight
BUF02250 Striploin 5-7 lbs.
BUF02125 Ribeye, Whole Boneless 8-12 lbs.
BUF02100 Export Rib "Ribeye BI" 8-12 lbs
BUF02255 Tenderloin 5-7 lbs.
BUF02325 Top Sirloin Butt 7-10 lbs.
BUF02310 Top Round “Inside” 15-20 lbs.
BUF02315 Bottom Round 14-18 lbs.
BUF02615 Short Ribs 25 lb.
BUF41258 Short Ribs, Whole 6" Bone 18 lbs.
BUF02600 Osso Bucco 2” 10 lb.
BUF02630 Stew Meat 5 lb.
BUF02660 Buffalo Ground 1 lb.
BUF02665 Buffalo Patties 3/1 1 lb.
BUF02661 Buffalo Patties 2/1 1 lb.

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