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Venison Meats

Venison: It has just been in recent years that farm-raised venison has become highly prized by American chefs and their patrons. It is often forgotten that venison was a staple item in America’s culinary past. Commercial deer farming is rather new to the United States, since the majority of this product has come primarily from New Zealand. While the name venison is not limited to the meat from deer, the red deer has been the choice of excellence for many years because of its consistent size and mild flavor. These deer are a true free-range animal, grass fed with no growth hormones or other chemicals. Mild in taste, yet distinctive in flavor, this meat offers an excellent source of protein and iron, and is also low in fat, cholesterol, and calories. Venison should be cooked rare to medium rare. Try roasting your venison with your favorite fruit glaze.

Venison Product List
Item Code Description Weight
VEN12078 Saddle, 11 Bone Rib 14-18 lbs.
VEN13278 Striploin, (Backstrap) 4-6 lbs.
VEN12278 French Rack 8-bone 2-4 lbs.
VEN13578 Tenderloin .75-1.0 lbs.
VEN15178 Denver Leg 4-7 lbs.

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