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Rich, Flavorful & All-Natural Berkshire Pork | Kansas City

Arrowhead Specialty Meats is proud to offer this award-winning, rich and flavorful meat. Our Berkshire pork's well-marbled body astounds with its juiciness and tenderness, while its pink-hued texture gives an appetizing appearance just waiting to be devoured. Every cut is all-natural, without hormones or steroids, providing a healthy, as well as delicious, meat for your patrons to enjoy.

It all started in the shire of Berk, England in the 1640s, where Oliver Cromwell's soldiers discovered a unique breed of black hog that yielded meat vastly superior to any pork they had ever tasted. The tradition continues today at Berkridge Farms in Iowa, where strict regulations are enforced in the breeding of certified Berkshire hogs.
Berkshire Product List
Item Code Description Weight
BSP53703 Boneless Loin Strap ON
BSP53514 *** Strip Loin *** (Best Value)
15lb. Box
Tenderloin 10lb. Box
BSP53705 Rack of Pork 10-12 Bone Natural Fall
Bone In Middle
Back Ribs -- Peeled
St. Louis Ribs 10/Box
CT Butt 8/Box
Boston Butt B/I 8/Box
Boston Butt Boneless 8/Box

Single Rib Bellies

BSP53719 Skinless Sheet Bellies 5/Box
BSP54330 Front Shank, skin on With Foot On, 2/cov 50lb. Box
BSP53707 Picnic, Boneless, Cushion In 60lb. Box
BSP53630 Osso Bucco 3" 15lb. Box
BSP20700 Smoked Ham 1/2 Cut Bone In (7-8 lbs.) 4/Box
BSP13504 Pork Jowls 10lb. Box
BSP30000 Berkshire Pork Ground 10lb. Box
BSP2955 Pork Cheek Meat 30lb. Box
BSP2957 Caul Fat 10lb. Box
BSP13537 Pork Back Fat, Skin Off 10lb. Box
BSP13540 Pork Leaf Lard 10lb. Box
BSP29050 Pork Skin 10lb. Box
BSP13545 Pork Feet 10lb. Box
BSP13506 Neck Bones 30lb. Box
BSP13553 Pork Bones 30lb. Box
BSP29000 Pork Head 1/COV
BSP29005 Pork Ears 10lb. Box
BSP29015 Pork Tails

10lb. Box

BSP29020 Pork Tongue 10lb. Box

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Arrowhead Specialty Meats proudly distributes our flavorful Berkshire Pork to not only the nearby St. Louis and Wichita areas but all across the United States. Feel free to contact us today with any questions, or you can place an order by speaking with a member of our friendly and knowledgeable staff.


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