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Piedmontese Beef

A mixture of the ancient Aurochs and Zebu cattle breeds, Piedmontese beef is a notably lean meat roughly 25,000 years in the making. The breed originated from a secluded geographical pocket in the Italian Alpine region, in fact, Piedmont translates to, “foot of the mountain”. Brought to the United States in the early 1980s, this tender, juicy and tasty meat has been in ever increasing demand.
A Savory and Healthy Option
Certified Piedmontese Beef | Kansas City
Breeders of Piedmontese cattle in North America have gone to great lengths to ensure that strict certification guidelines are met in order for them to call their cattle Piedmontese. Today, these cattle are sought after by consumers who desire delicious beef, while watching their fat and cholesterol intake, and thanks to these breeding and rearing standards you're provided a consistent, high-quality meat to prepare them. Not only is the meat lean, with an extremely low cholesterol level (48.5 mg per 100 g of meat), but it also contains a high percentage of heart-healthy poly-unsaturated fats.
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All-Natural Piedmontese Beef | Kansas City, St. Louis, Wichita & Beyond
Piedmontese Beef Product List
Item Code Description Weight
PIE20302 103 Rib 2/Case
PIE20952 Export Rib 3/Case
PIE21212 Rib Eye Lip on 5/Case
PIE28002 Striploin 1X1 5/Case
PIE27402 Shortloin 3/Case
PIE27502 Striploin Bone In 1X1 4/Case
PIE28912 Tenderloin, PSMO 8/Case
PIE28402 Top Sirloin 6/Case
PIE21442 Flat Iron 12/Case
PIE21750 Hanging Tender 24/Case
PIE21404 Teras Major (Shoulder Tender) 25/Case
PIE29302 Flank 24/Case
PIE28542 Tri Tip 12/Case
PIE21231 Naval Short Ribs, Bone In 50 lb.
PIE21300 Chuck Short Ribs, Bone In 50 lb.
PIE21612 Chuck Roll 3/Case
PIE22132 Outside Skirt, Peeled 24/Case
PIE26902 Inside Round 4/Case
PIE27122 Outside Round Flat 6/Case
PIE27132 Eye of Round Peeled 12/Case
PIE22012 Brisket Flat 50 lb.
PIE22002 Brisket, Whole, #120 50 lb.
PIE22142 Inner Skirt, Peeled 50 lb.
PIE28512 Sirloin Flap 50 lb.
PIE21240 Back Ribs 50 lb.
PIE20004 Oxtails 30 lb.
PIE00100 Marrow Bones (Pipe Bones) 75 lb.
PIE20005 Beef Tongue 30 lb.
PIE20006 Cheek Meat 30 lb.

The Piedmontese combination of tender texture, remarkable flavor and naturally lean beef makes for a delicious meal and delighted customers. We at Arrowhead Specialty Meats proudly serve our Piedmontese beef cuts to not only nearby St. Louis and Wichita areas, but all across the United States; we invite you to contact us today with any questions, or simply call a member of our friendly and knowledgeable staff to place your order.


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