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Vintage Natural Beef

Vintage Natural Beef provides pure and tender beef cuts from youthful steers humanely raised in a pure, clean and natural environment. The single-breed cattle are reared on a strict all-grain diet that's augmented 350 days before processing with a high energy, corn-based feed. The close attention paid to source, age and diet combine to produce the flavor and tenderness Vintage beef is known for. Hormone and antibiotic-free, this beef is healthy as well as delicious.

Also, with the utilization of sophisticated E+V camera technology, each cut can be scrutinized for desirable color, marbling and more to ensure you receive the best of the best. These strict guidelines work in concert giving you and your patrons highly consistent plate presentation, taste and tenderness. Please contact us online or call 816-889-9333 to learn more about this outstanding natural beef.
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Vintage Natural Beef | Kansas City, St. Louis, Wichita And Beyond
Item Code Description Weight
VIN8832 Ribeye, Boneless, Lip On, Choice 5/Case
VIN8839 Ribeye, Boneless, Lip On, Prime 5/Case
VIN8942 Ribeye Bone In, Choice (Export) 3/Case
VIN8432 Shortloin 0X1, Choice 2/Case
VIN8439 Shortloin 0X1, Prime 2/Case
VIN8962 Striploin 1X1, Choice 5/Case
VIN8952 Striploin 0X1, Choice 5/Case
VIN8082 Striploin Bone In 1X1, Choice 3/Case
VIN8969 Striploin 1X1, Prime 5/Case
VIN8089 Striploin Bone In 1X1, Prime 3/Case
VIN8092 Tenderloin PSMO, Choice 6/Case
VIN8099 Tenderloin PSMO, Prime 6/Case
VIN8772 Top Sirloin, Choice 5/Case
VIN8779 Top Sirloin, Prime 5/Case
VIN8632 Tri Tip 20/Case
VIN8512 Flank 24/Case
VIN8382 Top Blade, (Flat Iron), Choice 12/Case
VIN8389 Top Blade, (Flat Iron), Prime 12/Case
VIN8532 Hanging Tender 50 lb. Case
VIN8722 Brisket, Whole, #120 5/Case
VIN8182 Brisket Flat 12/Case
VIN8822 Outer Skirt 32/Case
VIN8212 Inside Skirt 24/Case
VIN8902 Chuck Roll N/O, Choice 3/Case
VIN8752 Shoulder Clod 2/Case
VIN8102 Chuck Short Ribs, Bone In 12/Case
VIN8062 Inside Round (Top Round) 3/Case
VIN8222 Flats, Bottom Round 5/Case
VIN8332 Eye of Round 12/Case

Arrowhead Specialty Meats ships the flavorful and tender Vintage Natural Beef from Kansas City to not only the nearby Wichita and St. Louis areas, but the entire United States as well. Place an order and get Vintage Natural Beef directly on your cutting board today.


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