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Akaushi Beef

As one of the few purveyors of this top-quality beef in the United States Arrowhead Specialty Meats proudly invites you to peruse our choice cuts of Akaushi Wagyu. Thanks to the excellent working relationship between HeartBrand Beef and the Japan Association of Akaushi, each member of their herd can have its lineage traced back thirty generations, ensuring you the choicest, most consistent cuts of beef to offer your patrons. This is the only all-natural, 100% source-verified Kobe/wagyu beef available in the country.
Naturally Delicious & Healthy
Akaushi Kobe beef | Kansas City
This outstanding beef ranks above USDA Prime in the category of marbling content and has long been revered for its tenderness and flavor. The uniquely bold taste of Akaushi Kobe beef is positively coupled with its inherent health benefits, giving your customers an extraordinary dining experience with every bite. As compared to commodity beef, Akaushi Wagyu contains a higher monosaturated fat to saturated fat content ratio as well as a high amount of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). The anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and positive cholesterol properties only serve to add to the overall quality of this finest of meats.
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Akaushi Wagyu | Kansas City, St. Louis, Wichita & Beyond
Item Code Description Weight
AKA34801 109E Export Rib - Special Order 1/Box
AKA34802 112 Lip-Off Ribeye Roll 2/Box
AKA34803 112A - Ribeye 2X2 Lip On 1/Box
AKA34866 Terras Major 2/Pkg 4 pkg/Box
AKA34804 109B Ribeye Cap - Special Order 4/Box
AKA34809 Striploin 1X1 (180-PSO3) 2/Box
AKA34810 Striploin 0X1 (180-PSO2) 2/Box
AKA34875 Tri-Tip (2/Pkg.) 4/Box
AKA34814 Top Butt Cap Off 2/ Box
AKA34817 Top Butt Cap (Coulotte) - Special Order 2/Pkg 4pkg/ Box
AKA34820 Chuck Roll - Special Order 2/Box
AKA34821 New York Style Chuck Zabuton 1/pkg 2/Box
AKA34822 Chuck Eye 20 lb. Box
AKA34823 Hanging Tender 2/Pkg 6/Box
AKA34825 114D Flat Iron - Peeled & Trimmed 5/6# pkg 2/Box
AKA34826 Top Blade Chuck, Whole Flat Iron 4/Box
AKA34828 120 Brisket 2/Box
AKA34842 Top Round (Inside Round) 2/Box
AKA34843 Flat Round (Bottom Round Flat) 2/ Box
AKA34844 Eye of Round 3/ Box
AKA34845 Peeled Knuckle 4/ Box
AKA34850 Tenderloin PSMO 2/ Box
AKA34855 Flank Steak 8/ Box
AKA34860 Short Rib B/I 2/Pkg 2/ Box
AKA34861 Naval Short Rib Bnls. - 2/Pkg 2/ Box
AKA34863 Chuck Short Rib Bnls - 2/Pkg 2/Box
AKA34865 Chuck Tender 6/ Box
AKA34871 Inside Skirt - Trimmed - 2/Pkg. 8/ Box
AKA34873 Outside Skirt - Peeled & Trimmed - 2/Pkg 8/ Box
AKA34874 Sirloin Flap - 2/Pkg 3/Box
AKA34948 Cut Femur Bones 25 lb box
AKA34950 Ground (1 lb. Package) 10 lb. Box
AKA36525 Hot Dog, 12 oz. Pkg.,8/1, Retail Pack 6/Case
KBE00106 Akaushi Corned Beef 30 lb. Case

Beyond Kansas City and the nearby St. Louis and Wichita markets, Arrowhead Specialty Meats proudly accepts Akaushi beef orders from all over the nation. From Kansas City to your city, please contact us with any questions, or place your order with a member of our friendly and knowledgeable staff today.


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