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Chef Tracy O'Grady and John Telge

The Washington Post and "Tracy's Rib Rack"

Cheap gourmet: Luxe dining for less. By Phil Vettel | TRIBUNE CRITIC

Sure, you know about sumptuous dinners that feature caviar, foie gras and the like, as well as experimental restaurants whose dishes are works of art and/or science. click here read full release


'Arrowhead Specialty Meats succeeds with Grade A products, customer here read full release

Tailgaters got game and go beyond burgers and brats. By LAUREN CHAPIN

'Tis the season to tailgate. And those hard-core sports fans who want to really skewer their opponent? They cook'em and eat' here read full release

news&notes {FOOD}, FOOD & WINE Magazine September 2007. By Nick Fauchald

'Tracy O'Grady, the chef at Willow Restaurant in Arlington, Virginia, worked with her butcher to create a cut of pork dubbed the "two-bone rib rack" here read full release

The Washington Post and "Tracy's Rib Rack"

For five years, Willow executive chef Tracy O'Grady has been obsessed with doing something new with pork. Not just a dish, but an entirely new cut of the meat that no other chef had here read full release

Chef Tracy O'Grady's Pork Ribs by Arrowhead Specialty Meats