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American Kobe Beef | Kansas City

Arrowhead Meats, for American Kobe beef in Kansas City

Arrowhead: for American style Kobe beef in Kansas City

Our succulent and boldly flavored American Kobe beef is the result of crossing the ancient Japanese Wagyu with premium American Black Angus. Raised by standardized Japanese custom, fed an all-natural diet of alfalfa hay, golden wheat straw and barley, without growth hormones or animal by-products, this exquisite beef is of consistent high-quality, rated even above the U.S.D.A.'s grade of “Prime”. Grown slowly and naturally, the process takes longer than traditional U.S. feeding production, but this focus on quality over quantity will be apparent to you and your customers upon the first bite.

Delicious and Healthy

American Kobe Beef | Kansas City

More than mouthwatering, our American Kobe beef includes legitimate health benefits for you to advertise as well. Containing a significantly higher ratio of monosaturated fat versus the saturated fats found in commodity beef, while beyond that lying higher levels of Conjugated Linolec Acid, which provides anti-cancer and anti-artery-clogging properties, American Kobe beef truly has much to offer.

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American Kobe Beef | Kansas City, St. Louis, Wichita and Beyond

Item Code Description Weight
KBE00012 Flat Iron 50 lb box
KBE00043 Flank Steak 20 lb box
KBE00023 120 Brisket 50 lb. Box
KBE00019 Beef Back Ribs 50 lb. Box
KBE44467 Tenderloin BMS 8+ 20 lb. Box
KBE52636 Patties 8 oz. CVP 12 lb. Box
KBE52633 Patties 5.33 oz. CVP 12 lb. Box
KBE52648 Patties 10 oz. CVP 12.5 lb. Box
KBE52630 Sliders 2 oz. Bulk Pack 12 lb. Box
KBE52691 Ground Beef 2 lb. 12 lb. Box

Treat your customers to the best burgers they've ever had. Arrowhead Specialty Meats custom grinds this outstanding meat to our specifications, ensuring you the highest quality product.

Our burger patties are available in a number of different weights, including the extremely popular sliders, or form American Kobe ground beef patties of your own. For all your specialty ground beef needs, Arrowhead Specialty Meats has a wide selection - contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff to place your order today.